Falcon7 Trend7

Studies Information

Studies Summary

ProductsTotal No. of StudiesProBasicLease lineLite

Studies Types

CategoriesF7Net / F7L-Adv(Pro)F7Net / F7L-Adv (Basic) F7L(Basic)F7Net / F7(Lite)
Averages Based 11111111
Band 18181818
Data Line Operations4040370
Data Line Statistics1313130
Directional Movement8888
Expressions / User Formula3000
Market Neutral7766
Market Breadth1715150
Price Based6655
Signals - Ready33312929
Strategy Analysis14990
Strategy Testing6440

Studies Categories

CategoryFull Name
Strategy TestingStrategy - Advance Ultimate
Strategy TestingStrategy - Pro
Strategy AnalysisEntry Efficiency
Strategy AnalysisPrice Randomly Generated
Strategy AnalysisSuccess Measure(Area)
Strategy AnalysisSuccess Measure(MaxFav/Adverse)
Strategy AnalysisSuccess Measure(Target)
Market BreadthAdv & Dec & Same from File
Market BreadthAdv & Dec & Same Ratio from File
Expression /User FormulaCustom Condition
Expression /User FormulaCustom Indicator
Expression /User FormulaCustom Signal
SignalsSignal Randomly Generated
Signals - ReadyLoad Data from File
Signals - ReadyLoad Signal from CSV
Signals - ReadyDivergence - Signals
Signals - ReadySignal Stoch %D OverBought Sold
ConditionsCondition to Position
ConditionsDays High
ConditionsDays Low
ConditionsHas Filled Gap Down
ConditionsHas Filled Gap Up
ConditionsIs Swing Bottom Old
ConditionsIs Swing Gann Bottom
ConditionsIs Swing Gann Top
ConditionsIs Swing Top Old
Data Line OperationsComposite Line
Data Line OperationsLine Raise To
Data Line OperationsTwo Lines
Market NeutralSpread Line
MomentumChoppiness Index
MomentumDivergence - Negative
MomentumDivergence - Positive
MomentumReliable Momentum
OBOSCandlestick Momentum Index
OscillatorAccelerator Oscillator
OscillatorAwesome Oscillator
OscillatorDeviation To Average
PriceRelative Strength Comparison (Date)
PriceRelative Strength Comparison
PriceSuperTrend Buy Sell Lines
PriceSuperTrend Modified Extended
PriceHeikin Ashi Extended
PriceHigher Period High Low Line
Price BasedIchimoku Kinko Hyo Advance
ReversalGann Swing Theoretical
ReversalGann Swing
ReversalSwing Gann
StatisticsZ Score
SignalsIs Multiple Candle Pattern
VolatilityStandard Variance
VolumeBuy Qty %
VolumeBuy Sell Average Rate
VolumeBuy Sell Qty
VolumeBuy Sell Tick Count
VolumeBuy Sell Value
VolumeSell Qty %
VolumeSumActiveFutures - OI
Conditions% Change From Date In Range
Conditions% Change In Range
ConditionsBinary Operation
ConditionsHas Gapped Down
ConditionsHas Gapped Up
ConditionsIn Downward Swing
ConditionsIn Upward Swing
ConditionsIs Above Level
ConditionsIs Above Line
ConditionsIs Above Prev Swing Top
ConditionsIs All Time High
ConditionsIs All Time Low
ConditionsIs Below Level
ConditionsIs Below Line
ConditionsIs Below Prev Swing Bottom
ConditionsIs Cutting Level Downward
ConditionsIs Cutting Level Upward
ConditionsIs Cutting Line Down
ConditionsIs Cutting Line Upward
ConditionsIs Down By
ConditionsIs Equal To Line
ConditionsIs In Range
ConditionsIs Island Reversal Bottom
ConditionsIs Island Reversal Top
ConditionsIs Moving Down
ConditionsIs Moving Up
ConditionsIs Not Equal To Line
ConditionsIs Not In Range
ConditionsIs Satisfied In
ConditionsIs Signal In Range
ConditionsIs Swing Bottom
ConditionsIs Swing Top
ConditionsIs Up By
Data Line OperationsAdd To Line
Data Line OperationsAverage of Lines
Data Line OperationsCarry Backward Rate
Data Line OperationsCarry Forward Rate
Data Line OperationsChange From A Date Line
Data Line OperationsCumm Avg Of Line
Data Line OperationsCumm Sum Of Line
Data Line OperationsData with Slope
Data Line OperationsDifference of Lines
Data Line OperationsHigh Low Date between DateTime
Data Line OperationsHigh Low Days between DateTime
Data Line OperationsHigh Low Value between DateTime
Data Line OperationsHighest of Lines
Data Line OperationsLevel - 1 Line
Data Line OperationsLevel - 2 Lines
Data Line OperationsLevel - 6 Lines
Data Line OperationsLine Absolute
Data Line OperationsLine Division
Data Line OperationsLine Multiple
Data Line OperationsLine Performance
Data Line OperationsLowest of Lines
Data Line OperationsMax Of Lines (10)
Data Line OperationsMin Of Lines (10)
Data Line OperationsMultiply Lines
Data Line OperationsPcnt Change of Line Extended
Data Line OperationsPcnt Change of Lines
Data Line OperationsPercentage of Line
Data Line OperationsRatio of Lines
Data Line OperationsRatio of OHLC Lines
Data Line OperationsShift of Line - Old
Data Line OperationsShift of Line
Data Line OperationsSubtract From Line
Data Line OperationsSum Of Lines (10)
Data Line OperationsSum Of Lines
Data Line OperationsValue between Start & End Time
Data Line OperationsValue From A DateTime
Data Line OperationsValue From A Time
Data Line StatisticsHighest Between Dates
Data Line StatisticsLine Slope
Data Line StatisticsLowest Between Dates
Data Line StatisticsOHLC Between Dates
Data Line StatisticsPeriod Percentage Change
Data Line StatisticsPeriod Percentage Range
Data Line StatisticsRange Down Count
Data Line StatisticsRange Highest
Data Line StatisticsRange Lowest
Data Line StatisticsRange Percentage Down From Highest
Data Line StatisticsRange Percentage Up From Lowest
Data Line StatisticsRange Up Count
Data Line StatisticsSummation Between Dates
Market BreadthAdvance Decline Percentage
Market BreadthAdvance Decline Ratio
Market BreadthAdvance-Decline Difference
Market BreadthBreadth Thrust
Market BreadthCummulative Adv-Dec Diff
Market BreadthDII-TurnOver
Market BreadthExch Adv & Dec & Same
Market BreadthFII-TurnOver
Market BreadthGroup Adv & Dec & Same
Market BreadthGroup Index
Market BreadthIndexFreePrice
Market BreadthIndexWeightedPrice
Market BreadthMoving Adv Dec Diff.
Market BreadthMoving Adv To ADS Pcnt.
Market BreadthOI Adv & Dec & Same Intra
OptionsAt The Money
OptionsOption - BreakEven Adv
OptionsOption - Delta Adv
OptionsOption - Delta Hist
OptionsOption - Delta
OptionsOption - Gamma Adv
OptionsOption - Gamma Hist
OptionsOption - Gamma
OptionsOption - Implied Volatility Adv
OptionsOption - Implied Volatility
OptionsOption - Intrinsic Value
OptionsOption - Rho Adv
OptionsOption - Rho
OptionsOption - Strike Price Implied Volatility
OptionsOption - Theta Adv
OptionsOption - Theta
OptionsOption - Time Value Percent
OptionsOption - Time Value
OptionsOption - Value Adv
OptionsOption - Value(Theoretical)
OptionsOption - Vega Adv
OptionsOption - Vega
OptionsOption- BOX
OptionsOption- By StrikePrice
OptionsOptions Total - Call & Put & ValueInLks
OptionsOptions Total - Call Qty & OI
OptionsOptions Total - Put / Call OI
OptionsOptions Total - Put Qty & OI
OptionsVolatility Historical - Spot
ReversalFuture Price Based On Swing
ReversalSwing Reversal Modified
ReversalSwing Reversal-Old Modified
SignalsANDing of Four Signals
SignalsAnding of Signals(Modified)
SignalsAnding of Signals
SignalsANDing of Three Signals
SignalsCheck Three Signals
SignalsIs Candle Pattern
SignalsNOT Of A Signal
SignalsORing of Four Signals
SignalsORing of Signals
SignalsORing of Three Signals
SignalsSignal Last
SignalsSignal Re-Entry
SignalsSwing Signal
SignalsTwo Signals
Strategy AnalysisHighest Rate Between Two Signals
Strategy AnalysisLast Signal To Rate (2)
Strategy AnalysisLast Signal To Rate Advance
Strategy AnalysisLast Signal To Rate
Strategy AnalysisLowest Rate Between Two Signals
Strategy AnalysisSignal - Profile
Strategy AnalysisSignal To Rate
Strategy AnalysisVolatility Trail Stop in Pcnt
Strategy AnalysisVolatility Trail Stop in Rs
Strategy TestingStrategy - Advance Modified
Strategy TestingStrategy - Advance
Strategy TestingStrategy - Basic Modified
Strategy TestingStrategy - Basic
AverageAverage - Adaptive
AverageAverage - Chande Vidya - Old
AverageAverage - Chande Vidya (Variable)
AverageAverage - Exponential
AverageAverage - Least Square
AverageAverage - Segment
AverageAverage - Simple
AverageAverage - Triangular
AverageAverage - Volatility
AverageAverage - Volume Adjusted
AverageAverage - Weighted
AverageAverage - Wilder Smoothening
AverageAverage - Zero Lag Exponential
AverageEquiVol Avg
AverageEquiVol Filter
Averages BasedAverage - Hull
Averages BasedAverage - with Shift
Averages BasedAverages - Short & Med & Long term
Averages BasedAverages - Short & Medium Term
Averages BasedAverages-High & Low
Averages BasedDouble Exponential Moving Average
Averages BasedDouble Moving Average
Averages BasedExpected Cross Over Level - EMA
Averages BasedExpected Cross Over Level - SMA
Averages BasedT3 Indicator
Averages BasedTriple Exponential Moving Average
BandATR Band
BandAverage Band
BandBollinger Band Width
BandBollinger Band
BandEnvelope Percent Extended
BandEnvelope Percent
BandFibonacci Bollinger Band
BandHigh Low Band
BandKeltner Channel Old
BandKeltner Channel
BandLinear Regression Channel
BandParabolic Stop And Reverse - Old
BandParabolic Stop And Reverse Diff
BandParabolic Stop And Reverse
BandPercentage Band
BandPrice Channel
BandProjection Bands
BandStandard Error Band
Directional MovementChande Range Action Verification Index
Directional MovementDir. Movement Index Rating
Directional MovementDir. Movement Index(DX)
Directional MovementDir. Movement(ADX +DI & -DI)
Directional MovementMarket Facilitation Index(Modified)
Directional MovementRandom Walk Index
Directional MovementRange Indicator
Directional MovementVertical Horizontal Filter
FuturesFutures Total - Qty & OI
Market NeutralFutures - Premium To Spot %
Market NeutralFutures - Premium To Spot
Market NeutralPair
Market NeutralRatio
Market NeutralSpread
Market NeutralSpreadPcnt
MomentumChande Momentum Oscillator
MomentumCommodity Channel Index
MomentumCoppock Indicator
MomentumDeMark Indicator
MomentumKnow Sure Thing New
MomentumKnow Sure Thing
MomentumNet Momentum Oscillator
MomentumPsychological Line
MomentumQ Stick
MomentumRate of Change - Absolute
MomentumRate of Change - Percentage
MomentumRate of Change Base - Percentage
OBOS40 60 Levels
OBOSCandlestick Momentum Index Old
OBOSDirectional Trend Index - Old
OBOSDirectional Trend Index
OBOSDynamic Momentum Index
OBOSEthler Relative Vigour Index
OBOSIntra Day Momentum Index
OBOSMoney Flow Index
OBOSProjection Oscillator
OBOSQuantitative Qualitative Estimation
OBOSRange Expansion Index
OBOSRelative Momentum Index
OBOSRelative Strength Index - Cutler
OBOSRelative Strength Index - Smooth
OBOSRelative Strength Index New
OBOSRelative Strength Index
OBOSRSI - Up Down Avg
OBOSStochastics 3
OBOSStochastics Fast
OBOSStochastics RSI(DT Oscillator)
OBOSStochastics Slow
OBOSWilliams Percent R
OscillatorAroon Index
OscillatorAroon Oscillator
OscillatorChaikin Money Flow
OscillatorChaikin s Oscillator
OscillatorDaily Moving Average
OscillatorDemand Index
OscillatorDetrend Price Oscillator
OscillatorEase of Movement
OscillatorElliot Oscillator
OscillatorExtended Detrend Price Oscillator
OscillatorFisher Transform
OscillatorForce Index
OscillatorLine Oscillator
OscillatorMACD Histogram
OscillatorMcClellan Oscillator
OscillatorPrice Oscillator Percentage
OscillatorPrice Oscillator
OscillatorRainbow Banwidth
OscillatorRainbow Oscillator
OscillatorStochastic Momentum Index
OscillatorTrend Score
OscillatorTrue Strength Index
OscillatorUltimate Oscillator
OscillatorVolume Oscillator
OscillatorWilliam Accumulation Distribution
PriceActiveFutures - Price
PriceAnother Period Data Line
PriceAnother Period Data Point
PriceAnother Period OHLC
PriceAnother Scrip s Close
PriceAnother Scrip s OHLC
PriceAverage Traded Price
PriceHeikin Ashi
PriceInterest Adjusted
PriceMedian Price
PricePeriod OHLC
PricePeriod Performance
PricePivot Levels
PricePivots R1 & R2 & S1 & S2
PricePrice Volume Rank
PriceRelative Moment Comparison
PriceRelative Strength Comparison - Old
PriceSuperTrend Extended
PriceSuperTrend Modified
PriceTypical Price
PriceVolume Weighted Avg Price
PriceWeighted Close
Price BasedAlligator Indicator
Price BasedBullish Bearish Indicator
Price BasedGann High Low Activator
Price BasedIchimoku Kinko Hyo Ext
Price BasedIchimoku Kinko Hyo
ReliableCandle Pattern Number Advance
ReliableCandle Pattern Number
ReliableCongestion Index
ReliableMultiple Candle Patterns
ReliableTrend Indicator
ReversalAccumulation Swing Index
ReversalAdvance Swing
ReversalChannel Slope
ReversalMass Index
ReversalPrev Swing Bottom
ReversalPrev Swing Top
ReversalSwing Chart
ReversalSwing Interpolation
ReversalSwing Of Average
ReversalSwing Reversal
ReversalSwing Reversal-Old
ReversalZig Zag Indicator
SignalsSignal Crossover
SignalsSignal Over Bought/Sold
Signals - ReadyBracket Signal
Signals - ReadyIs SuperTrend Bearish
Signals - ReadyIs SuperTrend Bullish
Signals - ReadySignal 2 Averages Crossover
Signals - ReadySignal 3MA
Signals - ReadySignal Average Crossover
Signals - ReadySignal Bollinger - Fast
Signals - ReadySignal Bollinger - Slow
Signals - ReadySignal Island Reversal Theoretical
Signals - ReadySignal Island Reversal
Signals - ReadySignal Key Reversal
Signals - ReadySignal Key Reversal Major
Signals - ReadySignal MACD Crossing Avg.
Signals - ReadySignal MACD Crossing Zero
Signals - ReadySignal on Trend Index
Signals - ReadySignal Parabolic SAR
Signals - ReadySignal Range BreakOut
Signals - ReadySignal RSI Crossing Avg.
Signals - ReadySignal RSI Over Bought Sold
Signals - ReadySignal RunAway Gap
Signals - ReadySignal Stoch %K OverBought Sold
Signals - ReadySignal Stoch Crossing Avg.
Signals - ReadySignal SuperTrend Extended
Signals - ReadySignal SuperTrend Modified
Signals - ReadySignal SuperTrend
Signals - ReadySignal Swing Reversal old
Signals - ReadySignal Swing Reversal
Signals - ReadySignal Triple Bottom-Sell
Signals - ReadySignal Triple Top-Buy
StatisticsCoeff Of Variation
StatisticsCorrelation Coeff. of change
StatisticsCorrelation Coefficient
StatisticsDetrended Price
StatisticsFuture Price
StatisticsMoving Covariance
StatisticsNoise%Free Rate
StatisticsNoiseFree Rate
StatisticsR Squared OLD
StatisticsR Squared
StatisticsRegression Line
StatisticsRegression Slope
StatisticsSquare Wave
StatisticsStandard Error
StatisticsTriangle Wave
VolatilityAverage Body Size Percentage
VolatilityAverage Body Size
VolatilityAverage True Range - Intra
VolatilityAverage True Range - Percentage
VolatilityAverage True Range
VolatilityCommodity Selection Index
VolatilityRelative Volatility Index
VolatilityRelative Volatility Index-Original
VolatilityStandard Deviation - Intra
VolatilityStandard Deviation Pcnt.
VolatilityStandard Deviation
VolatilityVolatility - Chaikin
VolatilityVolatility - Historical
VolatilityVolatility - Notis
VolatilityVolatility - Wilder s
VolumeAccumulation Distribution Line
VolumeActiveFutures - OI
VolumeActiveFutures - Volume
VolumeDelivery Pcnt
VolumeDelivery Quantity
VolumeHerrick Payoff Index
VolumeNegative Volume Index
VolumeOI as Qty
VolumeOn Balance Volume
VolumeOpen Interest
VolumePositive Volume Index
VolumePrice Volume Trend
VolumeShares Per Trade
VolumeTrades Line
VolumeValue Per Trade
VolumeValue Traded
VolumeVolume - Shares