Real-Time Market Analysis, Charts, Strategy Testing, Scanning and Execution.


Falcon7 offers many benefits to traders regardless of their experience level:

  • Falcon7 helps you create a system for trading. A leader wouldn’t direct his team without a system in place to make the right decisions. Your approach to trading your portfolio should be the same-with a systematic, objective plan to make the best possible decisions. Falcon7 helps you do this.

  • Falcon7 removes the emotions from your trading-emotions of greed and fear. Spur-of-the moment decisions are not as reliable as decisions based on set criteria and reliable analysis. Falcon7 gives you this-a trusted system so that you can objectively engage in buying and selling in the markets.

  • Falcon7 is easy to use. Falcon7 is known for its intuitive interface, easy to use tools, and exceptional built-in studies. You don’t have to write for strategies in cryptic formula language. You can build a fairly complex strategy using menu driven options.

  • Falcon7 gives you confidence and an advantage over other traders in the marketplace. Success in the markets = profits, and 90% of our customers report that they have been successful in the markets using Falcon7.

  • Falcon7 can be trusted for accuracy of data and calculations. We have been providing real-time market data & technical analysis solutions since 1998, and we currently have over 5,000 subscribers.

  • Falcon7 offers excellent support-whether you prefer to call our free support line, chat with a rep over instant message, browse our FAQ's on the web, or visit our Forum, you'll find the answers to your questions quickly and conveniently.

  • Falcon7 is customizable. To feel confident in your trades, you want a system based off of your own personal strategies, your tolerance for risk, the instruments that you trade, and your goals.


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  • Falcon7 version is now released! In this newest version of Falcon7 we’ve packed in more power, more flexibility, more features ... more of what YOU need to make your best, most profitable trades.

  • Falcon7 is specifically designed who study intra-day movements to do on-line trading through the trading day. We use dedicated infrastructure to provide Real-Time market data. Getting accurate real-time quotes is especially important for traders, as even the smallest delay between a provided quote and the real-time situation can change a profitable strategy into a loss making.

  • Whether you're an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, Falcon7 helps you succeed. It contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy & sell and when to execute to make the most money possible.

  • Falcon7 comes with many out-of-the box trading solutions that are reliable and easy to use. And if you want to take your analysis to the next level, Falcon7 gives you the ability to customize these solutions to your particular trading style.

  • Whether you trade stocks, futures, options, commodities or currencies, Falcon7 has the tools you need for superior market analysis and financial success. In fact, 90% of our customers report that they have been successful using the Falcon7!

  • We listen to our customers and regularly add many new features. We have many customers who have used all versions from Falcon1 to Falcon7 in last 15 years.

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