Real-Time Margin Risk Monitoring.

  • @Risk offers many benefits to exchange members regardless of their size:

  • @Risk removes the emotions from your risk management. Spur-of-the moment decisions are not as reliable as decisions based on set criteria and reliable analysis. @Risk gives you this-a trusted system so that you can objectively engage in allowing higher or lower exposure to your active customers.

  • @Risk can be trusted for accuracy of data and calculations. We have been providing real-time market data & technical analysis solutions since 1998, and we currently have over 5,000 subscribers.

  • @Risk offers excellent support-whether you prefer to call our free support line, chat with a rep over instant message, browse our FAQ's on the web, or visit our Forum, you'll find the answers to your questions quickly and conveniently.

  • @Risk is customizable. To feel confident in your risk analysis, you want a report based on your own personal formula, you can do it.

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  • @Risk is a client-server solution, where server applications are hosted at exchange member’s premises, and client application is installed at the branches.

  • @Risk maintains all risk related information of the clients like – ledger balance, stock in hand, carry forward positions. Then in real-time it captures each trade of your clients as and when it is confirmed by the exchange. Then it computes mark-to-market profit-loss and margins and allows you to analyze this information.

  • We listen to risk managers and regularly add many new features to simplify their jobs.

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